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Custom Cannabis
Packaging and Supply Chain Solutions with 100% Personalized Service

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Brands like yours that want to get noticed in the crowded cannabis market, increase sales, and stand out for the right reasons choose New World Packaging for custom packaging and supply chain solutions personalized to their business needs.


Bring Your Brand’s Vision to Life

With a partner that understands you and your business.

When you work with New World Packaging, you’ll get instant access to a team of packaging experts. No marketing-speak, no wasted time – just real people who understand your business needs, the cannabis industry, and how to make your products stand out with cost-effective packaging that your customers can’t resist.

After all, we’ve been in packaging for more than 35 years!

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Save Time and Money with End-to-End Packaging and Supply Chain Solutions

Packaging for All
Cannabis Products

Flower, concentrates, pre-rolls, edibles, tinctures, topicals – take your pick.

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100% Custom Packages
and Labels

Design, branding, art, labels, boxes, bags, molds, and so much more.

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Storage, Logistics,
& More

Packaging, shipping, storage, and delivery – let us take care of it all for you!

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Cost-Effective. Reliable. High Quality.

Fast Delivery. ISO 2015 Certified.

That’s just a sneak peak of all the benefits you get when you work with New World Packaging. We’ve perfected the custom packaging process for the cannabis industry, so you can stop worrying about customer service problems, shipping delays, and the other frustrations you’ve had with packaging providers.

That’s not how we work – ever.


Turn that boring bag into an eye-catching brand customers won’t forget.

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Your jars, lids, and boxes have never looked so awesome!

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Pre-Roll Packaging

How creative can you get with your pre-roll packaging? Let’s find out!

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Keep your edibles fresh with packaging consumers can’t resist.

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Tinctures & Topicals

Oils, ointments, creams, salves – we’ve got you covered.

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More Packaging

Heat sealers and more to improve your child-resistant and tamper-proof packaging.

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