You’re Unique. We’re Unique.
It’s a Perfect Match!

There is no substitute for personalized service and a real partnership, and that’s exactly what you get when you choose New World Packaging for your packaging products and supply chain solutions.

We’re Different –
Here’s Why That Matters to You

ISO Certified = You Get Top Quality Products - Always

Get peace-of-mind that your packaging is compliant and looks great too. We already conform to high quality standards in the medical industry with our ISO 2015 certification, and we’ve brought those standards to the cannabis space.

35+ Years of Experience = Service You Can Trust

Three decades in packaging for highly-regulated industries has given us knowledge that no other cannabis packaging provider can beat. Add our 15+ years of importing, and you can be confident there is no better choice for your packaging.

Family Owned & Operated =
We’ve Got Your Back

Get the help you need when you need it. We’re flexible, responsive, creative, and proactive. You’ll get personalized service and outside-the-box ideas to solve your problems and reach your goals.

Join the Family and Let’s Grow Together

When you choose New World Packaging, you become part of our family. You get service, help, and guidance when you need it from a dedicated team who truly understands and cares about you and your business.

We take the time to really know you and what makes you unique. We’re interested in long-term relationships and partnerships. That’s just one of the reasons so many brands just like yours choose to work with us.

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All Your Cannabis Packaging
Needs in One Place

In addition to packaging, custom design and development, consulting, storage, shipping, delivery, and supply chain logistics, we offer solutions that you won’t find with other providers in the cannabis industry. No one can beat our experience and creativity.


You can count on us to get what you need ASAP. Nothing is cookie-cutter about our relationship with you. Call and talk to us anytime. Want to talk to the CEO?
Just say so.

In-house Overseas Sourcing Department

You get direct access to overseas factories without the problems or frustrations. We’ve been importing for over 15 years and have deep experience managing overseas supply chains.

Vendor-Managed Inventory

You can purchase more inventory at better prices per unit and let us store what you can’t. Your product ships to you on your schedule. We even have our own trucks for same day local deliveries.


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John Sullivan | Founder, Company Name

Sometimes you have to see it to believe it. We get it.

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